On the Links: 4/24/06

The Busyness of College Life, FOX News – USA — The difference between the real and apparent busyness, however, is that the former has a way of maturing us, while the later only deforms. I’ve worked on many college campuses and I’ve seen it up close. American college life is a sub-culture where personal responsibility – a mature response to real busyness – is put on hold.

Officials at institutions nationwide using Facebook site, TMCnet – USA — difference Are police, colleges and employers using facebook as an investigative resource? You better believe it. The police are keeping track of upcoming parties so they know where to make their weekend busts. Colleges are keeping tabs on students to make sure they aren’t embarassing the school or slandering faculty. Employers are screening profiles as they interview students to see what kind of lifestyle baggage they are about to hire along with that 3.7 gpa. This article lays out some of the details of how facebook is being used in this regard as well as some of the consequences. The stories will shock you!


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