Blog U. 3/30/06

An article in the New York Times about “gigachurch” pastor Joel Osteen has the blogosphere buzzing about him. Here are some quality posts–some funny, some telling:

Osteen Board Game

Your Best Life Now Board Game, The Riddleblog — According to this press release, a new board game is on the way based on Osteen’s best-selling book, Your Best Life Now. (HT:

Prosperity Theology With a Smile, Al Mohler — Some of Dr. Mohler’s quality commentary on the New York Times article and Osteen.


2 thoughts on “Blog U. 3/30/06

  1. Next Joel Osteen publication:
    “How to Worship mammon and Disguise it as Worshiping Jesus”

    The “Limited Edition” version of this book will include “How to Blindly lead the Blind into the Pit.”

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