Intimacy with God, Part 3: What keeps you from intimacy?

What are some challenges you face to experiencing intimacy with God?
Ryan Wayson Falling asleep is often a problem.  Jesus is better than sleep…or air for that matter (not what we shouldn’t breathe).  Also, all of a sudden other things I “need” to get done begin flooding my mind and I must set them aside and “take every thought captive into obedience to Christ.”  Ministry can get in the way when the enemy turns my gifting into an idol, and I begin finding my identity in it and not the Lord.  Sometimes I feel that as I pray I “should” be out witnessing and vice versa.  All of these distractions are essentially from the enemy because we know that our “battle is not with flesh and blood”.  If we are kept from praying long and witnessing often, the devil has had his victory over the Christian.

Tim Skaggs

  1. Time – we all face this challenge.  Too many things are vying for our attention.  Management of time is a key to intimacy.
  2. Silence and Solitude – I’m too used to noise and being around people.  They get in the way of my intimacy with God.
  3. Activity – My schedule is too full.  American Christianity says that you have to be a spiritual work-a-holic or you aren’t trying hard enough.  We feel guilty when we go off for a day or so even to get close to God.  We equate busy with spiritual.  Great theologians and writers (Edwards, Torrey, Tozer, etc.) didn’t have as many distractions as we have today.  We have way too much going on and technology doesn’t exactly help.  Computers, too many tv channels, cell phones, can keep us too busy.  If you are too busy to spend time with God, you are busier than God intends for you to be.

Lacy Nuckols I face the challenge that sometimes I fall into the thought that having intimacy with God is a formula.  “Well if I prayed for 30 minutes yesterday and it really helped me feel close to Him yesterday, then I should pray for 30 minutes today so I can feel close to Him today.”  This way of thinking has led to much disappointment in my life.

Kyle Hoover Busyness.  So many things want to suck time and life out of me.  There will always be contenders for specific times in your day to pray, read, and meditate over the Lord. 


2 thoughts on “Intimacy with God, Part 3: What keeps you from intimacy?

  1. Busyness… That seemed to be a pretty consistent theme in those responses. Question.. Why is it then that the church (in general, not specifically central) offers activities every single night of the week, the majority of which seemingly have little to do with true fellowship or service, while Christian organizations also offer a constant barrage of social events and functions and projects in which to take part? Skaggs touched on the problem with the spiritual work-a-holic comment, and though many realize the problem, it seems as though the church encourages it. So, why, though we recognize it, do we not appear to take steps to address it? I know I feel too busy sometimes, and I feel I must blame the church, especially kyle hoover (in jest).

  2. Accusing the church of being responsible for the busyness of its members because of the breadth of the opportunities it provides is equivalent to accusing the business school of being responsible for the busyness of its students because of the breadth of the classes it provides. The purpose of offering this many opportunities is not to facilitate busyness but to provide outlets for such a large, diverse group of people to build up the Body through the exercise of their spiritual gifts. The biggest cause of busyness is an inability to set priorities and learn how to say no.

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