On the Links: 2/16/06

Bedrock Of Faith Is Jolted, The Los Angeles Times — Are American Indians and Pacific Islanders actually descendants of a tribe of Israel as the Mormon church claims? DNA evidence unmasks this deception used to convert many of them to the Mormon faith.

The Spiritual Danger of Blogging, Russell Moore — Will blogs replace prayer chains as the new means for spreading Christian gossip? Time will tell.


One thought on “On the Links: 2/16/06

  1. Good eye for the article on the mormon misrepresentation. It should be a clear lesson to us on what happens when a belief is based on a constantly changing manuscript or ‘fresh revelation’ instead of the unchanging Word of God. I pray the Church of Jesus Christ of Past, Present, and Future Day Saints would be attentive to this lesson. We live in a conformist culture where non-conformism to everything but the image of God is celebrated. Peace in Christ.

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