Let’s do Lunch, Part 3: The Balancing Act

What are some reasons for going to lunch with people?

Cami Bethancourt 1 on 1 time & enjoy food. Everyone has to eat sometime so it’s a good appeal to those hard to reach people, observe their potential (dating or for another specific purpose). Best of all, it fillsl the lonely eater void!

Jack Hildebrand Solid time to be real with people, get to know the other person on a different level

Chris Rogers I usually go eat lunch with people with the intention of getting to know them. So if I meet someone and would like to get to know them better then I would ask them to go to lunch. I invite people to lunch if I have something important to ask someone or would like to go more in depth into the relationship. Also, I must admit, if I like a girl or I am interested in pursuing a relationship with a girl, I will operate under the disguise of a “lunch date” to get to hang out and talk with her.

Grant Castleberry Lunch is a time for me to connect with people that I don’t know well and bond with those that I already know.

Kyle Hoover It’s a time where you can be purposeful during a regular, daily activity. It provides a time to encourage people & be encouraged. It’s a great time for fellowship. Much of the New Testament Christian community happened around a dining table (Acts, Lord’s Supper, Galatians, etc.).

How do you find a balance between lunching to grow relationships with people close to you and lunching to establish relationships with people you don’t know well?

Jack Hildebrand It can become cliche to “grab lunch” with people now a days, and it’s such a convenient way to keep up with people you know/want to know better. I would say plan ahead and make it a priority to keep all your lunch times with others. Make it a point to be dependable, and you won’t have anything to worry about.

Chris Rogers My initial reaction was to say that you just try and keep a tally of who you are eating with and try to keep a balance between establishing a relationship and close relationships. But I don’t really focus on that, I just try to recognize when God brings someone into my life and when I should get to know or go deeper in the relationship with them. But I will say when you look back and see it heavily disproportionate to one side or the other, you should rethink how you balance your lunch hour.

Grant Castleberry Sometimes you have to pursue people you don’t know, but I find that if you have lunch with everyone that asks you to go to lunch with them, it ends up being a good balance.

Cami Bethancourt I tend more to the growing relationships side because I feel often it is the most beneficial for me. I need to have enough of a relationship established that lunch is not awkward for me because I don’t like forced interaction I don’t often offer lunches to people to establish relationships. I do that outside the lunch realm, and then once I have something to work with lunch is an option.

Kyle Hoover Have balance—make sure you are doing both. I have certain days set up where I eat with the same people (close friends, ministry partners, discipleship, etc.) and then I always leave a few meals open to get to know people I don’t know well yet.


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