Let’s do lunch, Part 2: The how and why of lunch

How would you describe what a typical lunch looks like?

Cami Bethancourt a. Intro questions: things about the immediate (how’s your day, what classes do you have today, plans for the night b. Shift to the past important things: follow up on events/happenings that were going on the last time you talked c. Transition to what’s going on in the future: current issues awareness, this is the time the person generally shares “why” they wanted to go to lunch with you this particular time d. Encouragement for the situations at hand and reaffirmation of friendship e. end the lunch on a high note

Jack Hildebrand Small group 2-4, laid back conversation, busy restaurant (lunch hour)

Chris Rogers A typical lunch would be us meeting somewhere and then going to eat lunch. If it is off campus and I was eating with a girl I would probably pay for her. With guys I would just go and get my food and they would get there’s. We would then go find a place to eat that would be secluded or a place that would be proper to carry on a purposeful conversation.

Grant Castleberry I always start it off with a prayer.  Then normally both parties ask inquiring questions about the other person to get to know them more.  Many times a common point of interest is reached and the conversation carries on from there.

Kyle Hoover I stuff as much food into my face as possible—just kidding; beginning—talk about light stuff (what is going on, exciting news, hot topics, etc.); use second half of lunch to intentionally encourage, challenge, ask meaningful questions, etc.

Why do you think it is important for students in general, and college Christians in particular, to take advantage of having lunch with people?

Jack Hildebrand We’re always serving as examples and influencing others…the potential for some great fellowship with some people you may not know too well because the lunch setting isn’t awkward!

Chris Rogers I think in today’s society there is a lot of meeting and casual conversation that are skin deep. I think to feel the pulse of other Christians, to be able to really feel there heart beat, you need more than a five minute conversation. Going to lunch or just meeting in general gives you the chance to really open up and see what the other person is feeling. Also lunch is the convenient time of the day, because you’re in between classes or just got out.

Grant Castleberry I think it’s important because it’s an open door to engage other believers and have fellowship together and to establish relationships with people that are searching for God.

Cami Bethancourt to get beyond surface level conversation–blah i hate that! No more “fine” answers. Lunch allows you to really read people and probe them more.

Kyle Hoover Like I said earlier, it is something we do typically 3 times every single day. So, it’s a great way to turn a functional activity into something meaningful, purposeful, and beneficial.


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