Does your prayer life look like this?

flip phone.jpg

Cell phones are everywhere these days. Most of us who have a cell phone have had a broken cell phone at some point. Last week, a friend of mine had a broken flip-phone like I had never seen before.

Her phone looked a lot like the one pictured above. She was running to catch a flight in the airport, and her phone flew out of her pocket and smashed on the floor. Basically, the entire top half of the phone snapped off. Now, there was no earpiece, so she couldn’t hear anything (unless she had an attachment earpiece). There was no access to her phonebook, so she has to carry around a sheet of paper with a list of people’s numbers. There was no antenna, so she couldn’t get good reception. It was a mess. This phone was only good for one thing–dialing out.

As I looked at her phone, I was convicted by the same question I now pose to you: does your prayer life look like this cell phone? Has your prayer life fallen apart to the point that it does not function in its full capacity?

Most believers have a prayer life just like this phone. They treat prayer like they have no earpiece–so it is rare that they actually listen to what God has to say. They treat prayer like they cannot get to their phonebook–so it is a burden every time they have to stop to “call” God. They treat prayer like they have no antenna–so it difficult for them to get good “reception” and connect with God. The only thing their prayer life is good for is “dialing out” so that they can make requests of God.

Cell phones were never intended for one way conversations; neither was our prayer life. Listen to God’s declaration in Jeremiah 33:3, “Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.” If your prayer life looks like this cell phone, consider upgrading models!


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